Friday, May 6, 2011

Library life.

I've been a little distracted lately, hence the lack of scintillating updates. Mostly I've been learning how to do my job and also learning how to live after yoga teacher training, both of which I think I'm getting pretty good at. I pretty much love my job, because I'm working in the kind of library that makes me remember why I love libraries so much: it's small, but not too small, and super busy, but not too super busy, and so far I've only had to have stern words with two kids. Anyway, you learn a lot of things about a community by working in its library, and here is what I've learned about mine so far.

1. A staggering number of people watch the show JAG. Were you aware that this show existed? I sure wasn't.

2. Runescape is still so, so popular, guys. I cut my professional librarian teeth on kicking kids off computers for swearing at each other while playing this game, and I am amazed that it's stood the test of time in this era of short attention spans.

3. Young stoners still get awesome ideas in their heads, like that they want to learn to play the spoons. Then they come into the library to get a card and ask us if we have any books on that (answer: HELL YES).

4. It's one of those neighbourhoods where well-intentioned seniors call the library for reference help because they feel like they need to keep us in business. Result: I get to answer questions about things like which tv network is showing the French language leaders' debate and whether I think Absolutely Fabulous is to racy for a bunch of ladies in their seventies (I am not exaggerating, not even a little).

5. I've never gotten to serve so many university students interested in books on how to go vegan on the cheap. (see above re. HELL YES.)

In conclusion, you know who I never listen to anymore? The Dandy Warhols.